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Rebuild Respect for Women

Worldwide,13 million
children are born
to women under age 20

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Please donate
to help us achieve our goal
to help young women
here and abroad

Young Girls Having Children

Internationally the numbers
are devastating.

  • in Africa more than one in six teenage girls between the ages of 15 to 19 gave birth annually, and nearly one in seven babies born to these teenagers died before the age of one year.
  • in South Asia numbers range from 71 to 119 births per 1000 women aged 15 to 19.
  • In India 30% of all Indian induced abortions are performed on women who are under 20.

Let’s help these young women start to rebuild their lives.

You can get involved by joining our monthly giving program “my sisters keeper” this program helps us put young girls through rehabiiitaiton exercises, offers them schooling, and supports our micro credit program so that they can provide for themselves, and if need be their young children.

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Wheatonia Malekebu
President and CEO
Rebuilding Respect For Women

In the United States alone, an estimated 750,000 teens will become pregnant this year.

This will affect their education

Only a third of teen mothers earn their high school diploma.

Only 1.5% have a college degree by age 30.

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Rebuilding Respect for Women

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