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Are you a cause needing design, marketing, or consulting help? We cater to organizations with limited budgets having small or large marketing needs.

Design For Non-Profits

helps non-profit organizations or other volunteer groups establish a business presence. We are a group of volunteers: students, designers, developers, professionals and non professionals, dedicated to promoting good design for good causes.

All-Volunteer organization

All projects are pro bono. Students and professionals could use your needs.

Students are looking for projects NOW.

Students with impressive credentials and proven design skills need work regardless of the economic setbacks for so many of them. Some students need design experience while still in school. LOCAL PROJECTS ARE VERY MUCH NEEDED, but any worthy cause will "do."

Check out our team!

Contact any design volunteer for direct collaberation with the designer. See Our Team for more information.

How does it work?

Projects are managed by a Supervisor (Project Manager). Your project is matched with one or more volunteers and is coordinated throughout our five-step process. Your particular time constraints are considered as we help improve your marketing or Web presence.

Meet the volunteers you will be working with.

We can help you evaluate your needs now, and we'll advise or direct you to other resources. Get started.

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